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DONATE IMMEDIATLY. The recent floods have worsen the condition of millions of people of Pakistan.Moja''s shelter send reiiefe goods to these areas if u make donation in this catogory.Donate immediatl

FREE FOOD CAMPS FOR HUNGRY PEOPLE. Due to increased hunger in Pakistan Moja''s shelter provides cooked food to non-affording people free of cost as and when the funds are available.If you wish to be

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Moja''s shelter is starting construction of new rooms in March 2012 for new refugees.One room can be completed between 2000 and 2500 dollars as the building material prices vary time to time.Yuo can d

Moja''s shelter intends to restart it''s computer classes in April 2012 which were discontinued due to floods of 2010.kindly donate computers in good condition for the boys and girls who live in Moja'

At present MOJA’S SHELTER is running its program only through individual donors.

Be a part of MOJA’S SHELTER’s team by:

- Making a donation
- Join our orphan/widow welfare programme

-Give some income generating ideas

- Encourage awareness by word of mouth amongst Your friends and families
- By volunteering
- By arranging a fundraising event


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Hadith About Orphan

The Holy Prophet of Islam (peace be upon him) said:

"I and the person who looks after an orphan will be in Paradise together like this..."
then he raised his forefinger and middle finger together.

(Hadith Bukhari)

How you can Help Improve the Lives
of Poor Pakistani Women & Children
Our Aid Objectives
Orphans aid
Moja ‘s shelter was establish in 2004 in Pakistan and 2009 in Australia the main purpose in organization was to provide general relief to poverty stricken areas of Pakistan while Moja’s shelter was working in same direction as set out in its objective , a newspaper report was established with this horrifying news.

“Due to terrorist attacks in Pakistan the ratio of orphan kids and widows will raise in millions buy 2015”

Before this report Moja’s shelter used to hold weekly for medical camps to the very poor and needy people and simultaneously use to provide cooked foods to non affording people of society free of cost.

After the publication of this report Moja’s shelter decided to working work only for orphan and widows.

Kindly donate generously to help these innocent  human beings to live normal life.If you donate only a single dollar a day,this little contribution will make a very huge difference in the worse circumstances of these people.


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